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VIPKid: The Magical Freedom Card for Wanderers

Many people dream of a job they can take with them anywhere. Location freedom is the first step to true freedom and today we’d like to offer you one route to the on-the-go life you crave. Access the portal to apply here. We will coach you through the application process.


  1. Bachelor’s Degree — It does not matter what degree you have, as long as you have one! Parents want to know their child is getting quality instruction from a university educated teacher.

  2. Experience Teaching or Working with Kids — This doesn’t have to be formal teaching experience! Highlight any experience you have had working with kids. i.e. Tutoring, Working at a Camp, Babysitting, etc.

And now for the good stuff…

Why Online Teaching with VIPKid is magical!

Location Independent

Do you want freedom to open/close your schedule as often as you want with zero repercussions? Freedom to travel the world with a job that follows you anywhere you go? VIPKid is definitely for you. While not the highest paying job for digital nomads, it is one of the easiest to break into with minimal effort, getting you locational free in record time.

Nearly ZERO Prep Time

If you love education, one of the huge turn-offs to making it a career is the large amount of unpaid planning time. With VIPKid, this is virtually non-existent. After you get the hang of it in your first few classes, you only need to pull the props you will need for each class. This will take up roughly 1 minute (or less!) of your day per class.

Minimal Interaction with Parents

Hate calling parents in the evenings after the normal school day has ended? VIPKid has other staff for that so the teachers can focus on teaching! Your only task will be to leave a quick feedback note after each class. This takes another 30 seconds. Classes are 25 minutes long, meaning you keep your work completely contained in the 30 min block per class. When classes are over there are no tests to grade, emails to send, or parent conferences to schedule. You simply close your laptop, reflect on the fun classes you just had throughout the day, SMILE, and go about your life. :)

No Commute

Even if you don’t use VIPKid to travel the world, it’s still a great job to do from home. Most people spend at least an hour in traffic/public transportation each day getting to and from work. In a new digital age, this is completely unnecessary. Choose to reclaim your free time.

(Extra hour per day = 5 hours/week = 20 hours/month = 240 hours/year.)

What will you do with your 240 extra hours? We are sure it will be something Unpara//eled!

So you want to get started with VIPKid? Let’s whip out the shopping list.

You need to make one swift checkout online and take a trip to your local dollar store.

VIPKid Gear List:

  • Laptop

  • Reliable Internet Connection

  • Headset with Noise Cancelling Microphone ​-- Mpow 071 USB Headset