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Freedom Flies Fast

I spent a few months this past summer as a tour guide in Washington D.C. for Urban Adventures. Along our route was a beautiful sculpture from the Burning Man exhibit at the Renwick Gallery. It was a man's profile from one side and a bear from the other side. Inside the bears arms was an open birdcage with all of the birds escaping and it read, "RISE". Many times you see the symbolism of birds in an open cage. They have learned helplessness, trained that there is no way out. Therefore, even when the door is open they stay put. This sculpture caused me to deeply reflect on the concept of freedom daily for 2 months. After walking the Camino del Santiago earlier in the Summer and experiencing true freedom of the present moment, I was in an even better mental position to receive the sculptures lessons.

Most humans are in a cage. We might not be able to see it, but try meditating on it for a few moments. You will feel it. Can you see the door? Would you fly away if you could? Read on to learn about Freedom in today's world and how to shift your mindset away from the pack. If you want to walk through the door, it's open for you. In fact, there are numerous doorways available once you take the blinders off. All you must do is beat your wings, prep your takeoff, and the wind takes care of the rest! Get ready to coast...Freedom. Flies. Fast.


// Freedom (Noun):

the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants, the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved.


Do you feel free? Are you really free or fed a false version of freedom while you feel more and more bogged down daily? Are you being drained energetically by the "freedom" forced upon you to maintain a certain style of life? Have you ever thought about alternatives?

The fact is we live in a society that restricts real freedom while boasting to move it forward. This is not contained to any one country or region, rather it is a sickness that has overtaken the entire world. Societal pressures about what is or isn’t the right way to live come at us from all angles. Furthermore, going against the grain can leave you feeling isolated and cut off from the majority. You have to ask yourself; Would you rather be in a cage with everyone else or free to roam on your own? This can be a pivotal question so make sure you give it the time/deep thought it deserves.

Mainstream society has become trapped in a downward spiral of making money, gaining status, and making sure we are up to date with all the latest fashions/tech. News flash: It is virtually impossible to ever meet standard set by the media. If you look around, you will see very few people living in actual material reality. Do an experiment next time you are on the metro: Count the number of riders who don’t look up from their phones even once. If you search for a random face-to-face conversation in modern society, it can be difficult to find as most are living completely in the digital world. This cuts you off from any universal synchronicities at play behind the scenes, where the real magic happens!

Personally, I love technology! It's an Aquarian thing. We love innovation and new gadgets. Always preferring to look on the bright side, I see a wealth of benefits that help us connect to our global world and explore new interests or ideas. Technology does make the impossible possible and has huge implications for bettering the life quality of millions. That being said, technology has become a prison for most. Advertisements are thrown at you left/right and the Internet holds an overwhelming amount of information to process. The important thing is to use it as a tool and not become a prisoner. Mind over your iPhone!

How, then, can one be seek true freedom in such a mess?

Set your own Direction!

Usually, if it seems like an absurd idea to others, it is the exact thing you need to do to further your own spiritual growth. Make your intuition rock solid and follow it without allowing the thoughts of others to impede your progress. It is your journey after all and no one holds the compass but you. Sometimes even your compass can steer you wrong but at least your path will be an interesting one ;)

Break Free of Control Systems!

Always look for a way around the problems this life presents you. Always think backwards with the end vision in sight. Many of the obstacles disappear once you start processing decisions this way. For example, if you want to travel but don’t have the time or the money due to your low paying/high demand job, it’s time to think about if you can really afford to keep this job. You are stuck in a rat race maze that will only ever allow you to build a life INSIDE the maze. If your main goal is to get out, start thinking about this as a matter of survival. It is your life! You have to think logically/creatively if you want to escape and go live it.

Re-evaluate your Financial Priorities!

Do you need to pay that high rent to live near your job?

Do you actually need a car to drive to your job?

Do you need the business clothes that you buy to move up in this company or organization?

Do you need to go to happy hour with your co-workers?

If you take the job out of this equation, the answer to all of these questions is NO! You don’t need any of these things. You thought that you needed them which is why you’ve been hustling so hard for years to afford them, with no money left over to fuel your true dreams. If you want them, it is another story entirely. Make sure you truly want anything you have, not told you want it by parents, your boss, or programming present in your life since Day 1.

Now, let’s think backwards. What do you really need? Water (usually free), Food, and a place to sleep. We will go ahead and throw in spending money because, let’s face it, this world costs money. I also like the flexibility to move about as I please and transportation is definitely not (always) free. However, your money needs to be used as a tool, just like technology. It makes certain experiences available to you and keeps you from relying completely on others. Do not allow it to enslave you and keep you chained in fear of not having enough. If you follow your inner navigation system and stay creative, money will always appear and flow when you need it!

But how much do you need? This is entirely up to you and your desired level of lifestyle. The important thing here is to actually live a realistic lifestyle, not strive for an ideal you will never reach while slaving for someone else’s profit. Would you rather make their lifestyle possible or your own?