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Quick Guide to Tangier

To explore Morocco, a wonderful starting point is the Northern port city of Tangier. Here, you are able to begin your adventure at the Strait of Gibraltar with an unparalleled view of the Spanish coast. Here's six points of interest to get you started!

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Where to Stay: Melting Pot Hostel

To feel true Moroccan hospitality right away, The Melting Pot is your go-to for lodging. They have dorm style rooms and a beautiful rooftop for singing, dancing, and chatting with fellow travelers. Their staff will use their impressive chef skills to warm you up with tajine before bedtime. It's cheap, located in the mesmerizing ancient medina, and full of good vibes! Enjoy your stay!

Best Morning Spot for Mint Tea: Cafe Hafa

Wake up early and head to Cafe Hafa to start your adventure on the right note. With unbeatable terrace views across the Mediterranean Sea, this cafe will definitely wow you. Although there is plentiful seating, it’s a popular spot so keep your eyes sharp while scoping out a table. There are cats galore sunbathing as you sip hot tea. It is a picturesque morning experience that you won't forget.

Bazar Casablanca: Art School with a Sunset

Allow yourself to get pulled into this massive art warehouse full of unique pieces. If you want to send a souvenir home, these guys will handle shipping, meaning your pack stays light. They are powerful salesmen but you’ll be spending for a good cause. Bazar Casablanca helps divorced women earn a living and provide for their children. Their art is hand-made with family symbolism woven throughout. The owners take the time to describe each piece at length so you get a bonus culture lesson! After perusing the art, ask to see the terrace. If you time it right, you will witness one of the best sunsets your eyes could ask for.

l'Institut Français Gallery

This gallery is free and well worth a visit. Current exhibitions include Voyage Derriere le Soleil by Sergio Schmidt Iglesias and L'Armee des Choses by Jean-Michel Tible. They are changed a few times per year. Though small, you will get a huge dose of art as you wander the three rooms. L'Institut Français is not alone. Tangier is a vivid city with countless galleries to discover dispersed throughout.

Healthy Fast Food in Cinco Minutos

Cinco Minutos has some of the best dishes we have tried in Tangier. They have everything from traditional tajine or lentils to Chinese and pasta dishes. The best part? It’s run by a 24 year old native woman with incredible ethics. Visit Al Mouatamid Bnou Abbad, her bakery, on the same street after your meal for a wide selection of pastries freshly baked daily. The full story behind Cinco Minutos is yet to come so stay tuned and subscribe for updates.

Hercules Caves and Cape Spartel