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Live Where You Travel

If quick 10 day trips are not cutting it for your cultural curiosity check out these 3 benefits of spending extending periods of time in each new destination.

If you are a full-time traveler, the benefits of extended stays are far and wide, just like your voyages! You can stay for 1-3 months in each destination and gain valuable insight about the culture. It is impossible to learn all there is to know about a new culture and language in the span of just a week. If you have the location independence, I recommend staying in each location for at least a month. This way you are able to meet local friends, relax into the rhythm of life, and gain a bit more fluency in each language.

Benefit #1: Local Friends

Meeting other travelers is always enjoyable but its advisable to meet local friends too. They can school you in the real customs and show you secret spots that even the most informative blog post won’t lead you to. The best part, you can see how they interact in their community at a personal level and get infinite language lessons on demand. You can count on them to tell you what’s safe and what you should be paying for things. When you “settle” down for a month or two, you are able to form stronger bonds than you can with just a day or two in the country.

Benefit #2: Avoid Travel Burn Out

Full time travel is no joke. It can be exhausting in many ways and you may sometimes miss having a stronger in-person support network. For this reason, taking a few months in each country is ideal. You are able to set up a basecamp from which you can take mini expeditions to other areas. You can feel at home and stay stationary just long enough to get that travel itch coming back again. This keeps travel exciting and lets you slow down to enjoy your present without constantly thinking about the next plane ride.

Benefit #3: Housing Cost

If you need privacy to work and can’t spend every night at cheap hostels, Airbnb is probably your go to temporary housing solution. As long as you stay for at least a month, Airbnb’s will give you a monthly discount, sometimes cutting the rent cost in half. Another option is to stay in a hostel for a short period, while you make friends and scope out the best living options. It’s hard to fully comprehend the layout of a city and where is convenient to live without actually being physically present. If you want a discount off your first Airbnb booking click here for $40 off your first booking.

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