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Fly with Safety Wing Insurance

Ready for endless adventure but feeling bogged down by endless travel insurance options? We know how it have about 20 tabs open to compare options. As you sift through the fine print and insurance jargon, the frustration builds until finally you slam your laptop shut and start packing!

Not so fast though! Travel Insurance is key in making sure your travels aren’t abruptly ended by a random accident or lost luggage. Plus, the peace of mind is priceless.

Nomad Insurance is a tricky obstacle to overcome, especially if you don’t like to plan too far ahead. Most travel insurance companies force you to let them know the exact dates of your trip. That’s not always so easy to do, especially when your nomadic plans might mean the trip is never exactly “over”. Luckily there is a cheap alternative to these restrictive plans, Safety Wing!

The most unique thing about Safety Wing is that you can set it up the same way you set up your Spotify subscriptions and leave it running for as long as you need. You don’t have to set a predetermined end date. The flexibility and ease of set up alone make Safety Wing an obvious choice!

Price Points:

Coming in at $37 per month, this option is unbeatable for travel insurance. However, remember that you do get what you pay for. If you are looking for a travel insurance to fill in the gaps while living an expat lifestyle, Safety Wing is perfect. If you have no home coverage and need full health insurance, you will need to look into more comprehensive coverage.

*If you need coverage in USA you will have to pay $69/month.

*You get 90 days of coverage in your home country (American citizens only get 15 days :'( …maybe one day the US government will take care of us!)

Below is a basic outline of the Travel & Medical benefits covered by Safety Wing. Please be sure to read the full coverage details here as Unparalleled Dimension is not responsible for any action you take to insure yourself while at home or abroad. The policies are also subject to change at any point so double check all the points and speak with a Safety Wing representative to clarify any questions you may have.


  • Trip Interruption

  • Travel Delay

  • Lost Checked Luggage (Electronics are not covered. Keep them in your carry on at all times.)

  • Natural Disaster

  • Political Evacuation

  • Emergency Medical Evacuation

  • Personal liability

  • Accidental death & dismemberment (AD&D)


  • Hospital - Room and nursing services

  • Intensive care - Up to the overall maximum limit

  • Ambulance - Usual, reasonable and customary charges when covered illness or injury results in hospitalization

  • Urgent care - $50 co-payment, not subject to deductible. Co-payment waived for member who have the $0 deductible option.

  • Physical therapy and chiropractic care - Up to $50 per day. Must be ordered in advance by a physician.

  • Emergency dental - Up to $1,000. Not subject to deductible.

  • All Other Eligible Medical Expenses - Up to the overall maximum limit.

Keep in mind the notable exclusions below!

  • High risk sports activity

  • Pre-existing disease or injury

  • Cancer treatment

As you can see, Safety Wing is a wonderful way to have minimal coverage for severe emergencies and unforeseeable circumstances while abroad but is not a replacement for normal health insurance. Together with home country coverage and coverage offered through your credit card, Safety Wing is an easy way to fill the gaps!

Whatever you do, make sure you are covered and ready for the unpredictable. It's an adventure out here! Fly with Safety Wing.

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