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Multi-Dimensional After School Programs

Take your Martial Arts After-School Program

to an Unparalleled Level!

Unparalleled Martial Arts advocates for Multi-Dimensional After School Programs that grow strong students while also impressing their parents!

Do you want to supply parents with a tangible result that ensures their children receive enriching, educational programming outside of the classroom while, at the same time, sharpening their discipline and focus through a high-end martial arts education at your gym?

Yes?! Then let’s make it happen!

Today, we delve into a subject our team at UP Martial Arts is extremely passionate about…

After School Programs!

We don’t just promote standard after-school programming, we advocate for Multi-Dimensional Programs that lead to concrete, measurable growth for your students, staff, and business.

Many schools settle for a standard after-school model and essentially babysit students, with martial arts classes as the only structured component. After-school time is invaluable to child development! What better way to utilize this extra time than to supplement martial arts lessons with a robust character education program?

There are countless dimensions you can add to set your program apart from the rest. Below we examine our top five:

Martial arts lessons on the mat must be rigorous. Instructors should teach proper exercise form, alongside meticulous martial arts technique. Train your students to perceive these exercises as fun and educate them on the advantages of a healthy lifestyle.

How do you turn exercise into excitement? Make it a competition! Who can do the most kicks in a minute? Who can do the most push-ups? Who can sprint to the end of the dojo the fastest? These mini-competitions will encourage your students to push themselves and surpass their mental limits, increasing confidence in their physical abilities.

// Unparalleled Tip:

Don’t use exercise excessively as a disciplinary method. There are many ways to create games out of an exercise. Soon your students will be begging you to do those extra sit-ups! It’s important to instill intrinsic motivation instead of turning exercise into a punishment.

What’s more important to parents than academics?! Train after school staff to tutor students on homework and make sure to highlight this perk throughout your sales process. Offer a “Homework Checked and Completed” guarantee. Parents will leap at the chance for homework to be done before pickup as it frees up family time. You can take this to an Unparalleled Level by extending tutoring services past required homework. Is a student behind in reading? In math? Go the extra mile by requesting this information from parents and then, have your staff spend some time doing grade-level appropriate reading or arithmetic exercises with the students who need it most.

// Unparalleled Tip:

Purchase Sight Word Cards or Math Flashcards for your after school supplies. Weekly, have students complete these cards with partners. They will learn enriching skills while simultaneously working on peer-to-peer cooperation and developing friendships.

Children have wild, active imaginations. They need creative outlets. Unfortunately, most public schools are now hyper-focused on standardized testing requirements. Developing creative talents does more than augment students’ art capabilities. It develops their capacity for creative thinking, a skill necessary to solve problems in novel ways.

// Unparalleled Tip:

Do at least one creative project per week. If you are short on planning time, “Free Art” is always a winner. All you need is construction paper, paper plates, brushes, and washable paint! This basic activity requires minimal setup or clean up and kids will be enthusiastic to show off their masterpieces to parents.

For more easy-to-implement ideas, check out the Art Activities on the Unparalleled Pinterest.